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Assassins Creed 2 Glyphs Answers

In Assassins Creed 2 there are many glyphs that are basically puzzles that you must solve, so in this post we will help you to figure out these assassins creed 2 glyph answers in order to unlock new video to shed light on the Assassins Creed storyline. If you want to learn about these glyph locations go ahead and visit our page about assassins creed 2 glyph locations!

You may have gone to many website looking for information about assassins creed 2 glyph answers, and these website give you crap that you already know. Well that is not what we will be doing here, instead we will be giving you the most up to date information possible. Not the guides that claim to have the glyph answers but don't. So here we go, we will also give you video and picture of all the assassins creed 2 glyph answers.

The first glyph answer will be the glyph that says " The Power They Wielded Cut Down Their Enemies" to answer this glyph you will have to answer the question using pictures. The order of the pictures is the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 9th picture. This will unlock this glyph.

The next glyph answer we will provide you with is the one where you must solve a line and dot graph looking thing, to unlock this glyph simply put ll (circle) lll l(circle) (circle)

The next glyph answer will be the one that asks " Five of these mythic scenes share a core similarity. Pick them out and you'll begin to see."

This Assassins Creed 2 glyph answer is an apple. Get it? Core as in apple core! And there is an apple in each of the painting that they show you.

The next assassins creed 2 glyph answer ""He carried it with him. Find his inheritance."

This glyph refers to the treasure of eden, each of these treasure are in a circular shape because they are perfect and infinite.

The next glyph question asks
"Its open mouth deliver the kiss of death,"

This one is referring to a flamethrower because when the mouth of it opens a flame comes out destroying the enemy.

Another assassins Creed 2 glyph answer
"Leading the young to their end,"

The person that is doing the leading is the commander as he is recruiting the young to war, where they will inevitable die, unless they are lucky, another great glyph!

The next glyph answer "The seeds were planted as two worlds became one. Behold, the assassins, the children of two worlds".

This is a very interesting glyph, back in ancient Italy they believed in the Greek gods, and they thought that they lived in two completely different worlds, the world of the Gods, and that of mortals. To answer this glyph simply pick the paintings showing this.

Another Assassins Creed glyph answer "First plucked from a tree guarded by a snake, it's powers perform miracles. Then, worn across the ages, torn asunder, hidden under a sea of red, reconstruct the time-line."

The paintings that should be chosen for this assassins creed 2 glyph are Christ Disrobed, Joseph, Jesus Christ, David and Goliath, and Jason.

The next glyph question is this "He almost beat them,"

You may think this glyph is referring to a game, however it is referring to a beating heart.

The next glyph that has been solved is the on asking this
"Once worshipped, now ignored, from a distance it watches and waits,"

Believe it or not this glyph is referring to the Sun, so pick the painting with a sun in them and you will solve this glyph.

For now that is all the glyph answers, however we will update it as more come our way!