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Fable 3 Gold Keys Locations

Just like in fable 2 there are gold keys that are hidden throughout the fable 3 world. In the entire world of fable 3 which could take countless hours to traverse on foot, not to mention countless more attemption to located a gold key could drive anyone crazy. And to make it even worse there are only a total of five gold key locations in fable 3 which makes it very difficult to get lucky and stumble across one. The gold keys of fable 3 unlock four gold key doors and one gold key chest. Inside these doors and chests you can find a whole host of items, but on of the most rare and therefore most sought after is a legendary weapon. This guide was created to help ease your burden of locating all the fable 3 gold keys by yourself. Here we will detail the easiest gold key locations to find and help you start to find your treasure.
Fable 3 Gold Keys Locations #1 : Driftwood Gold Key
The first gold key that can be located is in driftwood. Obviously in order to make it to driftwood you must complete the quest found in Millsfield called Restoration. This is a relatively easy quest to complete and all you must do is play 750 gold to complete and restore the bridge that will lead you to driftwood. Upon arriving to driftwood you must complete the three quests located there. This will unlock the coastal area of driftwood for you. Now locating the gold key is simple as all you must do is follow the switch that you see there. Once you have shot it you will be taken to a mountain top and can get your first gold key in fable 3.
Fable 3 Mistpeak Valley Gold Key Locations
In order to located your second gold key in fable 3 you must make the journey to Chillsbreath Cavern. This is the cave that is opposit of the demon door that is also located here. Simply go into the cave an follow it to the exit. Upon exiting you should see a ruin down a hill. In this ruin you will find your next gold key location
Fable 3 Aurora the Veiled Path Gold Key Locations
Getting this gold key is not as straight forward as finding the last one. First you must travel to the enigma part of the aurora veiled path. Once there you will see a switch that must be shot at. Once you have shot it a trap door will open up. You will enter a very dark hallway, fortunately there are torches that you may light on the wall using any of your fire spells. Follow this hallway to a room with colored floor tiles and colored flames on the side of the wall. Notice how each of the flames on the wall have a different color. This will correspond to the color tile you must walk on. If you walk on all the right colored tiles a door will open allowing you to find your third gold key in fable 3. Congradulations you have found over half the gold keys in fable 3. Keep going to get all five and reap your rewards.
Fable 3 Aurora Shifting Sands Gold Key Locations
In Aurora City you will find someone offering a quest titled "A key to a greater key" if this wasnt a good enought hint that a gold key is involved I'm here to tell you know that it is. Complete the quest for this man. Once you have finished it you will be given the option to by a key from this dude for 4000 gold. This may seem like a steep price for a random key however you now know it is needed to get your next gold key in fable 3. Once you have purchased this key run across the sand dunes and hang a right. Here will be a door that will require a key. Well fortunately for you, you just bought the very key needed to open the door. Once the door is open you will follow the walkway all the way up to your new golden key.
Fable 3 Treasury Gold Key
This is the final gold key in fable 3. However, in order to get it you must complete the campaign and become leader of albion. Only by becoming leader may you enter the treasury. Inside the treasury you will see a gold key high up in the air. If you investigate a little you will learn that it will require 5000000 gold pieces in order to reach the key. Well...there's your task amount that money and the final gold key is yours....and did I mention that it unlocks you a legendary weapon? Good luck with all these fable 3 gold keys locations!