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The Saboteur Monument Postcard Locations Guide

As most of you know the saboteur is a game coming out on the xbox and PS3 on December 8th. It has you playing as a spy/liberator in Nazi occupied France. You are attempting to create a resistance force to fight the Nazis. Now France has many monuments, thus many postcards of those monuments. In the Saboteur you can find monument postcards which will give you achievement points and help add color to the city. The saboteur monument postcard locations are very well hidden but you can expect to find them near the monuments in France, the monument postcards will most likely be guarded by guards, so you can sneak past them or kill them in order to get to your monument postcards. This page will be a dedicated guide to helping you find all the saboteur monument poscard location, and get the achievements that come with it. So be sure to check back here when the Saboteur is released as we will have a monument poscard locations guide up to help you out. As most of you I can't wait for the Saboteur to be released and I also cant wait for the cool things in it like the saboteur bird blast.

The Saboteur Monument Postcard Locations Information

There has been a few bits of leaked information on the postcards, as expected there is a postcard for the Eiffel Tower, this is probably one of the most noticable monument postcards on the Saboteur for the Xbox 360 and PS3. This is the only one that has been confirmed. Another likely monument postcard is that of the Arc de Triomphe. This will be another of the more noticable monument postcards because of the big part it played in World War 2 propaganda for the Nazi's. Another likely monument postcard will be that of Notre Dame, this is one of the first churches in France and during World War 2 it was made a fortress and HQ for the Nazi's, this would lead be to believe it will play a big part in the Sabotuer and the developers will probably make a monument postcard with this landmark on it. Another possible saboteur monument postcard location will be that of Basillica of the Sacred Heart, this was also a prominant place were the Nazi's fortified during their occupation of France.
Thanks for reading and once the game comes up we will have a full guide for the saboteur monument postcard locations!