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                                                                                   Fallout 3 Bobblehead Locations

There are twenty different models of the Fallout 3 Bobblehead. They can be found at many different locations inside the game. Each one will help you by giving you a little energy burst. Seven of them help you with your main status and the other thirteen will help you with many other skills in which you need help in. They look pretty cool and they help you.

Achievements/ Trophies

After collecting ten Fallout 3 Bobbleheads you will recieve - 10g/ silver trophy
After collecting twenty Fallout 3 Bobbleheads you will recieve - 30g/ gold trophy.

(Whether it's an achievement or trophy depends on whether played on a

PC, Playstation 3, or Xbox360)


Here Are Their Locations
First, we'll start with the Stat Bobble Heads.

  1. The strength Bobble head is at Lucas Simm's House in Megaton
  2. The Perception is at the Museum of Dave in The Republic of Dave
  3. The Endurance Bobble head is at the Deathclaw Sanctuary Entrance in Deathclaw Sanctuary.
  4. The Charisma Bobble head is in vault 108 of the cloning lab
  5. The Intelligence Bobble head is in the Science lab in Rivet city
  6. The Agility Bobble head is in an office in Greener Pastures Disposal
  7. The Luck Bobble head is the Arlington house inside of the Arlington Cemetery North

Now, Here are the Skills Bobble Heads

  1. The Barter Bobble head is in the Market Bazaar in Evergreen Mills
  2. The Big Guns Bobble head is in CO Quarters in Fort Constantine
  3. The Energy Weapons Bobble head is in Colonel Autumns's Office in Raven Rock
  4. The Explosives Bobble head is in a sealed cistern of WKML's Broadcast station
  5. The Lockpick Bobble head is in Bethesda's Offices East in Bethesda
  6. The Medicine Bobble head is in Vault 101 in Dad's Clinic Desk
  7. The Melee Weapons Bobble head is in the Dunwich Building in Virulent Underchambers
  8. The Repair Bobble head is in Evan King's House in Aerefu
  9. The Science Bobble head is in Vault 106 in Living Quarters
  10. The Small Guns Bobble head is near the National Guard Armory in the National Guard Depot
  11. The Sneak Bobble head is in the Yao Guai Den in the Yao Guai Tunnels
  12. The Speech Bobble head is on Euology's pad in Paradise Falls
  13. The Unarmed Bobble head is west fromCasey Smith's in Rockopolis.

How to Find Each of Them...

Agility Bobblehead - This Fallout 3 Bobble head location is in the Greener Pastures Disposal Site, south of Old Olney. You can walk in there and you'll see it. It's hard to miss, it's right in the dark office. When you see it, it will be on a desk next to a computer looking thing. This Bobblehead location should be fairly easy to find.

Barter Bobblehead - First, go to Evergreen Mills Bazaar, east from Smith Casey's Garage. Find Smiling Jack's store. Find the desk and jump over it. The bobbble head should be on a nearby shelf (top right). Note: Have a good weapon with you because drifters may attack you.

Big Guns Bobblehead - Go to Fort Constantine. If you see robots guarding the perimeter line, your heading in the right direction. Then, go to the building labeled CO Quarters. Go down stairs and there should be a safe open ontop of a desk. There will be other stuff in the safe, including a gun. Reach in, and the bobblehead should be inside.

Small Guns Bobblehead
- Go to the National Guard Depot. Go inside the building.Go left, up the stairs and jump over the pipe. Head to the right wall and go in that door. Then turn right and go throught that door. Go through the hallway of book shelves and go through the door. Then, turn right,right, and right again. Go through that hallway and to the bottom floor. Go through the door where there is a computer type thing blinking red. Head through that room to another blinking computer and through the door. Go through the decaying hallway and take a left. Go down that hallway and take another left, then a right. Take a right, go through the lobby type area, past the desk through that door. Make a right. Go down that wide hallway and make a right at the end. Go through that hallway until you come to a door that is closed, go through it. Go straight then take a right into an open area and drop down. Go up two sets of stairs. Take a right and walk past all those blocks of walls to your left. Head straight back and go under a decaying ramp. Go down they and get ontop of the ramp and make a right into a closed door. Activate the Electrical switch. Jump down ONE hole and throw some grenades towards the flashing lights to make the door blow up. Go through the door and activate the other electrical switch. Go down the stairs and down that hallway. Go through the door and activate electrial switch. Go through the door and head straight back. There should be a door opening. On the right side of the door opening is the bobble head sitting on a ledge.