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How To Tame Sour Pinatas


Do Sour Pinatas constantly come into your garden? Do they leave behind candy that makes your pinatas sick? Well, there is a way to stop this. There is a way to have these creatures and add them to your viva pinata garden. But how? How to tame sour pinatas will show you.
How DO you tame sour pinatas?
Each pinata has a "craving" for a certain thing, just like any of the other pinatas. Each one requires different things to become apart of your garden. Whether its a apple seed or a Jack'o' Lantern, there needs must be met if you want them to stop coming in your garden! And thats how to tame sour pinatas.
How do they benifit me?
Not only do they stop pestering your garden, they can help your garden. too! Each pinata has a special ability. Some are very usefull! For example; do you have weeds growing all over your garden? Most gardens do. Well, did you know that if you buy a Shellybean you can stop the weed growing? That's right! Shellybeans love to eat weeds! So if you tame one in your garden, your weed problems are gone! That's just one of the many things you can do by taming a sour pinata.
Can I buy an adition to the tower of Sour to make them stop coming?
Sure, but if you tame them their block goes straight up to the Tower of Sour. That way , you get them as a new pinata and they can't come into your garden. Of course, if you want more of the sour pinata, then go to the tower of sour by pressing "x" on your controler. If you want the Shellybean off, then click on the shellybean block. It should unlight. That means that that pinata is able to come into your garden.