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  Viva Pinata fertilizer is important to know for viva pinata. It can help your plants grow at amazing rates and produce a lot more fruit! You can also unlock goals from using the viva pinata fertalizer in the game. However don't just use fertilizer right when you plant a tree/bush. You must use the fertilizer in viva pinata at a certain time. If you pay attention to a tree while it is growing you will see that at one point the tree/ bush starts to shed its leaves. Right when it is shedding you must add fertalizer. This will cause the tree to have a growth spurt and you will reap the benefits when you have an increase in fruit production.
 This is what the tree will look like after the buds pop. This means that the tree needs to be fertilized.
When the Buds pop you need to go to the Costlot's Store straight away. Different trees require different fertilizer
Red fertalizer- Apple Tree, Holly Bush
Yellow fertilizer - Banana Tree
Purple fertilizer- Blackberry Bush, Nightshade Bush
Blue fertalizer - Blueberry Tree
Orange fertilizer- Orange Tree
Brown fertalizer - Fir Tree, Hazelnut Tree, and Monkeynut Tree
Green fertilizer - Gooseberry Bush and Oak Tree
Special Fertilizer fertalizer - Gem Tree
The more you fertilize, the more fruit/produce you'll have. It may pop more than once so keep a close eye on your plants!
Tips On Trees
If you want the most fruit possible here are some tips.
First: Don't plant you tree close to the edge of the garden. The produce might fall off onto the side where you cant reach.
Second: Don't over crowd the trees. Tree can get overcrowded and die.
Third: If you want alot of fruit and have money to spare then keep and eye on your tree. Fertilize the tree even for little bud pops.
What Pinatas need Trees?
Squazzle - Hazelnut
Raizant - Any tree with fruit
BonBoon - Banana and Monkeynut Tree
Buzzenge and FizzyBear - Fir Tree
Chewacorn - Gem Tree
Eaglair - Oak Tree
Elephanilla - blackberry bush
Horseatio - Apple Tree
Parrybo - Banana Tree
*And remember.......use viva pinata fertilizer! Your plant is useless without it!
Still need more about viva pinata fertilizer