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Viva Pinata Pigxie

What does it take to get a pig to fly?

Pigxie pic.



Romance Requirements

 Your garden must be worth 10000 coins
The pigxie is wearing tap dancing shoes
Eats 2 bullrush flowers
Eats 2 acorns
Have a Pigxie house in the garden

        So, how do you get a Viva Pinata Pigxie? Well what you need is a Swanana and a Rashberry. But how do you get a Viva Pinata Pigxie out of that? What you need is a Mystery House bought at Willy the Builder's shop. You need to breed the swanana and the rashberry and once they have an egg it's a pigxie.




 More Romance

Swanana                                                                         Rashberry

                                                                          Have a swan fountain in        the garden                         

Eats 1 rotten hazelnut

Is wearing a diamond choker

Eats 1 rotten chili

Has eaten 3 water lilly flowers

Eats 1 rotten gooseberry 

Have 30% perimeters of water

Has a Rashberry house in the garden 

Has a Swanana house in your garden.




Bluebell seed - Blue

A gem tree seed, a poppy, and a water lilly - changes the color to purple

Gooseberry fool - green (Barts Exchange)

*Warning - pigxie may fight with Swananas and Rashberries.


still need more on viva pinata pigxie

viva pinata rashberry

viva pinata swanana