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Viva Pinata Roario

Have you wondered how to get a viva pinata roario? This is how you can get one.

roario picture

Appear Requirements

 You have to be at least a level 38 gardener.

Visit Requirements

 There are 5 Doenuts in your garden
There are 5 Zumbugs in your garden( look to evolution on Zumbug)
Your garden has to be worth at least 40000 chocolate coins.

Resident Requirements

 The Roario has to eat 2 Zumbugs
The Roario also has to eat 2 Doenuts.
Your gardent must be worth 50000 chocolate coins or more.


Romance Requirements

 Has to be wearing a crown that you can buy at Paper Pets
Have a garden that is worth 60,000 chocolate coins.
He has to eat a pinata that is worth 4,500 chocolate coins.
You have to have a roario house in your garden.

Color Changes

 Feeding the Roario a Bluebell seed changes it blue.
Feeding the Roario a Bottle of Medicine changes it pink.
Feeding the Roario a Sunflower seed changes it yellow.

Unfortunate Events

 The roario starts fights with Bark Barks

The roario will scare away any wild animals intering your garden other than a roario.