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Viva Pinata Ruffians are the problem of your garden. Just like weeds and sour pinatas, they are out to destroy your garden.

Their Job

The viva pinata ruffians were sent by Professor Pestor. They are in your garden to break pinatas or any other valuable items in your garden. Some more specific things they do are fill in your water, break things like fences, and even as worse as kill your pinatas.

       How to get rid of them

You have the Captain Cutlass sword avaliable! All you have to do, other than pay
about 11,000 dollars, is give Ivor some money. Does some stranger (Ivor) ever walk into your garden? Well, if you give him enough money he'll open a shop for you! In that shop you will find a sword called Captain Cutlass. Simply just put it in your garden and you will have no more worries of viva pinata Ruffians again!
Some other ways, if you don't like spending 11000 on a sword, is to brib them with money. Press "x" on your controler then pay him. They are greedy, so pay a lot.
Another way, so I've heard, is to get a Dragonache in your garden. But that only prevents Profesor Pester.
*In my opinion, Captain Cutlass is the best thing to "tame" the viva pinata ruffians.